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The Passionate Intellect, Alister McGrath

the passionate intellect

“The apologetic task cannot be limited to developing arguments. In some way we must realize that apologetics involves enabling people to glimpse something of the glory and beauty of God. It is these, not slick arguments, that will ultimately convert and hold people. True apologetics engages not only the mind but also the heart and the imagination, and we impoverish the gospel if we neglect the impact it has on all of our God-given faculties.”

– Alister McGrath, The Passionate Intellect, p. 88.

From Father to Son — J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex (reblog from Al. Mohler)

The astounding popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings–magnified many times over by the success of the “Lord of the Rings” films–has ensured that Tolkien’s fantasy world of moral meaning stands as one of the great literary achievements of our times.


In some sense, Tolkien was a man born out of time. A philologist at heart, Tolkien was most at home in the world of ancient ages, even as he witnessed the barbarism and horrors of the 20th century. Celebrated as a popular author, he was an eloquent witness to permanent truths. His popularity on university campuses, extending from his own day right up to the present, is a powerful indication of the fact that Tolkien’s writings reach the hearts of the young, and those looking for answers.

Even as Tolkien is celebrated as an author and literary figure, some of his most important messages were communicated by means of letters, and some of the most important letters were written to his sons.

Tolkien married his wife Edith in 1916, and the marriage was blessed with four children. Of the four, three were boys. John was born in 1917, Michael in 1920, and Christopher in 1924. Priscilla, the Tolkiens’ only daughter, was born in 1929.

Tolkien dearly loved his children, and he left a literary legacy in the form of letters. Many of these letters were written to his sons, and these letters represent, not only a hallmark of literary quality, but a treasure of Christian teaching on matters of manhood, marriage, and sex. Taken together, these letters constitute a priceless legacy, not only to the Tolkien boys, but to all those with whom the letters have been shared…..

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God’s Not Dead. He is very much alive – Dr. Vince Vitale, Oxford

Mai jos, un video scurt si concis despre argumente pentru existenta lui Dumnezeu.

Dr. Vince Vitale is Senior Tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), Tutor in Philosophy and Mission at Wycliffe Hall, a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford, and a speaker for RZIM Europe.  He holds a DPhil in Philosophy and an MPhil in Theology, both from the University of Oxford. His primary research interests are in philosophy of religion, epistemology, and ethics. Vince is erstwhile Secretary of the Joseph Butler Society for the Philosophy of Religion and previously taught with rank of Lecturer in the Philosophy and Religion Departments of his alma mater, Princeton University, where he committed his life to Jesus Christ as an undergraduate and later served as Director of Athletes in Action Christian Fellowship. Vince has a passion for the intersection of faith and sport. He played varsity soccer at Princeton, has been awarded Blues in football and boxing at Oxford, and has traveled with Athletes in Action soccer teams to four continents. Vince and his wife Jo met at St. Aldate’s Church, Oxford.

Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Michael Ramsden si altii despre originea raului, semnificatia si originea vietii, destin si alte subiecte, in curand online in cadrul cursurilor RZIM Academy!


Early in 2014 RZIM will launch its first online training curriculum- RZIM Academy.

The aim of this program is to help equip believers to better respond to individuals around them who are asking honest questions and holding sincere objections to the Christian faith.   Beginning by exploring the four questions of a coherent worldview – origin, meaning, morality and destiny – RZIM Academy will offer highly interactive and practical courses that feature lectures from Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, Os Guinness, John Lennox, Amy Orr-Ewing, and many more.

Designed with consideration for working individuals with family commitments, the twelve-week introductory course is expected to occupy about three hours per week, including practical assignments that challenge participants to engage their neighbors, friends, and coworkers in fruitful dialogue.  It also offers a dynamic online community for discussing challenging questions, sharing frustrations and finding encouragement from fellow students and RZIM staff.

Beyond the introductory course, RZIM Academy will soon offer elective modules covering more specific topics in greater depth.  Subjects such as the problem of evil, science and religion, other religions, and basic doctrine will be offered in shorter elective courses available in fall of 2014.

The over-arching aim of this training program is that more people would better understand and know the person of Jesus Christ.  That is the aim of all of RZIM’s apologetics and will be a focus of every RZIM Academy course.  Also, as Ravi Zacharias frequently states, our training will emphasize that when offering an answer, it is not the question we are addressing, but the questioner.   This training program is designed to help students understand not just how to address ideas, but how to engage people, understand their beliefs, and facilitate fruitful dialogue that points to the person of Christ.

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