Table Tennis Between a Human and a Robot, The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot. What is to learn from such a competition?

Did you watch it twice? Even before the video had started, I was already planning on watching it twice so that I could observe all the tricks the robot was about to make in order for the human not to win the game.

It was quite amazing to see how a robot makes a human struggle. And this happens every day, especially if you work on a PC (sic!) The human fights his own limitations in trying to beat a robot. Up until the 6th serve, the human seemed to be losing the game and you would not even be shocked about it. Yet, the tricks were not performed by a specially produced and programmed robot, but by the human who has the special gift of creativity. It was all about the unexpected ways of delivering a ball, that the robot was not programmed to face, and that was its weak point. After the first point in favour of the human, you could already see how the next few points were about to be won, and most of them met your expectations.

The one thing the fascinates me is not the precision and the speed of the robot, but he lack of pleasure, excitement and sorrow when winning and/or losing. It was on the face of the human that you could read all that he was experiencing: joy, excitement, wonder,  expectancy, sorrow and revenge. The robot, on the other hand, was only there to perform a job and that job was close to perfection, yet not perfect.

What a lesson: I was not produced, I was created. I was not programmed, but left with the ability to choose and create. I was not only given choice, but the ability to react and live the results of my own choices. I was also given the pleasures of life and the sorrow of wrong choices. And all this with a purpose: to chose right and to enjoy the results of a good choice. Forever!

How and what will I choose will determine the very next reactions and decisions in my life.  Think about it!

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